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Make Your Tile Floors or Hard Surfaces Beautiful Again

Our Racine Cleaning Company specializes in more than just carpet; let us clean your hard surfaces too. Give the certified professionals at Marathon a call when your tile, stone, concrete, or hardwood floors need to be cleaned. We have the knowledge and equipment to properly care for most floor types and would love to evaluate your needs and provide an estimate for service.

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As much as you might like to avoid professional cleaning services, the results will be worth the call – and Marathon goes the distance to make the experience as easy and convenient as possible. Sweeping and mopping your floors regularly is not enough to hide their age or to reach the root of stains. A deep clean from professionals, however, will remove the dirt, grime, and stains tarnishing your tile and grout. Our team is an incredible choice if you’re looking for an annual floor cleaner, but we’re also available any time to care for your floors. Floor and carpet cleaning services are often popular for homeowners trying to sell their house – because sparkling floors make a much better impression on potential buyers – and those who enjoy annual cleaning. If you have a flood and want to save your floors, make us your first call.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

A clean business space makes for a better work environment and is the easiest way to impress visitors. Regular floor cleaning services also protect your investment by helping floors last longer. If you’re looking for reliable, certified professionals to care for your commercial floors, Marathon is the perfect choice!

We service homeowners and businesses throughout Racine County, including Mt. Pleasant, Sturtevant, Caledonia, and the surrounding areas in SE Wisconsin.

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