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Do you do residential and commercial clients? 

Yes! We are proud to offer high quality carpet, hardwood, tile, and upholstery cleaning for both residential and commercial clients! 

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes! We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee so if you’re not happy we’re not done yet!

Why should carpets and flooring be cleaned professionally when I clean them myself? 

Regular mopping, vacuuming, and spot treating your floors is very important for longevity, but even when done diligently it can leave behind settled dirt, food, and allergens. Our professional services clean deep into the cracks and fibers making sure to remove anything that has built up over time. 

How often should my home be professionally cleaned?

We recommend every 1-2 years depending on your lifestyle. If you have young kids, pets, or tend to have heavier traffic in your home every year is best!

How soon after cleaning can I walk on my carpet? 

Right away! Though we recommend keeping foot traffic to a minimum until it is dry, generally between 3-5 hours. 

Will cleaning my carpet damage padding or wood floors underneath? 

Absolutely not! We use top of the line equipment that removes as much excess water as possible to ensure your floors are kept in perfect condition!

I heard professional cleaning can break down carpet fibers, is that true? 

This is a myth that stems from when professional carpet cleaning originated. Modern techniques will absolutely not damage carpet fibers and will in fact help add life back to your carpet!

Does professional cleaning remove set in pet odors? 

Yes! Between our “basic” cleaning and added odor removers your carpets will look, feel, and smell as fresh as the day it was installed!

Why do I need a professional cleaning for my hardwood and tile? 

While sweeping and mopping may help your floors look clean, it still leaves build up in cracks and grout. Our professional process will bring all of that to the surface to be removed! (but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sweep, vacuum, or mop regularly!)

Should I not use a carpet shampooer anymore? 

Carpet shampooers are great for small spills and keeping your carpet looking clean! When used properly they will not cause any issues!

Is there anything I should do before you come for my appointment? 

Before your appointment you should move any big furniture out of the area that is getting cleaned. This includes china cabinets, pianos, mattresses, and any other precious items. We always treat your home and belongings with respect, however, while it’s rare, accidents can happen. 

Can you remove all stains?

We use the best stain removers and work hard to remove any stains that may be set into your carpet. While we can get almost any stain out, our success is dependent on the age, household cleaners used previously, type of carpet, and origin of the stain. 

How often should I have my furniture cleaned? 

Most people don’t recognize how dirty their furniture actually is! The frequency depends on how much wear you put on your furniture. A good rule of thumb is yearly, but that can vary  on an individual basis!

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