Professional Concrete Cleaning

Keeping your concrete clean is about more than just looks, it also will keep the integrity of your concrete! Grease, dirt, and debris can break down the binding that keeps your concrete together which causes crumbling, cracks, and other damages. These damages can be extremely costly to repair down the line.

Marathon Carpet Cleaners is proud to offer more than just carpet cleaning! We now offer professional concrete cleaning services as well! Our team of professionals are all highly skilled and experienced in making your patio, driveway, sidewalks, and other concrete surfaces look like new again! 

We use a variety of techniques including power washing, treatments, and spot scrubbing to remove stains, grime, and dirt from all of your paved surfaces. 

Clean concrete surfaces give you the perfect space for chalk drawing with your kids, riding bikes all summer long, and even a weekend garage sale! 

We proudly offer our concrete cleaning services all over Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois! Some of the communities we serve include:

Racine, Burlington, Union Grove, Raymond, Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Bristol, Paddock Lake, Twin Lakes, Antioch, Gurnee, Waukegan, Fox Lake, Grayslake, and all of the surrounding areas!

If you’re ready for professional concrete cleaning, give the best a call today at Marathon Carpet Cleaning and ask about our other services too! Contact us at 414-766-130 to schedule an appointment!