Fall Cleanup Reminder!

You’ve spent the last three months making sure your kids enjoyed every minute of summer break and at last, the end has come. The weather is cooling down, the kids are back in school, and your favorite national coffee chain has released the all too famous pumpkin spice latte even earlier this year than last. It’s officially fall. That day that you had a water balloon fight in the backyard with all of the neighbor kids and the time it unexpectedly started pouring rain while your family was taking a hike on that dirt trail three miles from the parking lot have come and gone. All you have to hold on to is the memories and the selfie your kids reluctantly took with you, or so you thought.

The excitement of summer may seem like it’s over, but it’s legacy lives on in the form of hidden messes in your home. Summer is an extremely busy time and if you’re anything like most humans, your home has paid the price. You’ve barely had time to keep up with cooking and doing simple chores while keeping up with the tiny humans you love so much, imagine what kind of messes are going unnoticed. Summertime and winter holidays are the busiest times of the year. We have spring cleaning to catch up after the holidays, but what about fall cleaning? Here are some tips on areas to focus on for a fall clean up!

  • Under couches.

You wouldn’t believe the stuff that gets “accidentally” shoved under couches when kids are around. Candy wrappers, half eaten applesauce pouches, godforbid a spoiled baby bottle rolls under there. Over time, these things can grow mold and other bacteria that can potentially cause sickness (not to mention smell really bad).

  • Behind dressers and other shelving.

Much like under your couch, garbage and all of those missing socks tend to gather behind these things. Before running out and buying your son his sixth pack of socks in the last six months, take a look behind his dresser. You’ll be surprised at what you find!

  • Clothes.

Go through your families drawers and closets and clean out any summer clothes that didn’t get touched this year and swap out summer options for fall.

  • Toys.

Look through all of the toys and get rid of anything that wasn’t used over the summer. We’d recommend doing this while the kids are at school because even if they haven’t touched it in months, it’ll be their most prized possession as soon as they see you throwing it away.

  • Wash your blinds and curtains.

This means wiping down each slat on blinds and throwing all the curtains (don’t forget your shower curtains!) into the washer. These easily missed items are full of dust and allergens.

  • Night stands.

Clear out wrappers, spare change, and other random items that may end up thrown in your night stand.

  • Fridge and freezer.

Get in and deep clean your fridge and freezer. Throw away anything in your freezer that hasn’t been used in six months. Take everything out, look at expiration dates on condiments and replace ones that are expired. Before putting everything back in, wipe down and sanitize all of the shelves.

  • Your car. (Dun dun duuuuhhh)

You didn’t think we’d miss this one, did you? Take out all car seats and boosters and wash them according to the manufacturer’s instructions, vacuum everything, get an upholstery stain remover and scrub the coffee stain off your front seat, and empty out the summer’s worth of dried up french fries that were lost to the floor boards.

  • Carpets.

The best time to get your carpets shampooed is fall. Summer is extremely rough on your carpets and you are probably expecting quite a bit of company in the months to come for holidays. Contact Marathon Carpet Cleaning for a quote and to schedule a whole home cleaning today!