5 Signs it’s Time for a Professional Home Cleaning

Your home is the backdrop for a lot of amazing memories. Watching your kids opening presents Christmas morning, movies nights, birthday parties, your baby’s first steps. All are amazing memories that you have in your home. Your home is also housing bacteria, dirt, dust, allergens and other illnesses all trapped deep in your carpets, hardwood, tile, and upholstery. A professional deep clean maintained by proper vacuuming, moping, and spot treating can ensure you and your family are protected! Here are some signs that it is time for a deep clean in your home!

  1. Sickness that won’t let up. Congestion and a sore throat can be a symptom of allergens and dust particles trapped in the soft surfaces in your home, especially if you have pets. Dander, dust, and hair get stuck in carpets, couch cushions, mattresses, and other softer surfaces in your home. Even if you don’t typically have issues with dust and pets, a buildup of these things can make you feel congested and off. A professional clean is the quickest way to get rid of all of the harmful buildup that could be making your family sick.
  2. Things don’t feel clean. You could be the best at keeping your home looking clean. You vacuum, mop, and even shampoo your carpets frequently and spot treat any time you need to, but dust, dirt, pet hair and grim can still make your home feel dirty. Routine professional cleaning for your upholstery, hardwood, tile, and carpets can keep your home looking and feeling it’s best!
  3. Difficult stains on soft surfaces. Kids, pets, and young at heart adults can leave behind messes and stains no matter how hard you try to get them out. A professional clean can get almost any stain out of any soft surface!
  4. Undesirable smells. Especially with pets and kids, smells can get trapped in soft surfaces. There are many different products out there to mask them, but unless you’re going for “tropical dog breath” as your home’s signature scent, the only way to keep your home smelling fresh is routine professional shampooing! We recommend a professional clean every year with pets and young kids.
  5. Your carpets feel rough and flat. A professional clean is the best way to get your carpets looking brand new again! Your carpet can get flattened and feel hard over time. A professional clean will make your carpets fluffy, soft, and fresh again!

If you don’t remember the last time you got your home professionally cleaned, it’s time to call Marathon Carpet Cleaning for a free quote and to book a deep clean today!